Monday, January 26, 2009


My latest home coding project is working :) It's a program (well, programs) that forwards global hotkeys from one client to another over the network.

It consists of two parts, a client on the computer the keyboard is connected to and a program on the computer you want the keyboards to be sent to. Then you register the global hotkeys you want to send(for example control+shift+home) and connect the client. Then whenever you press that hotkey it's sent to the other computer and any programs that has registered that global hotkey act as if they had been pressed on that computer.

Usable? for anything? Well, normally by home coding projects are mostly useless but this one i actually use myself. I'm running a music player on a computer in my closet and have set up certain global hotkeys for common actions (play/pause, next song, previous song etc) there. Then I use my program to send the keystrokes from the computer in my living room to the one in the closet, controlling the music player. This way I don't have to see the player, don't have to use VNC or something else. I control it the same way I did when the player was running on this machine.

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