Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Was talking to Anders today and he mentioned that he had started some developing for the Android-OS(the Google phone). This got me thinking, apparently it has built-in GPS and fair support for google maps.

Combine the data from google maps with some simple shape-recognition software or even metadata from another source and the basis for the game is set; The game is based on the real world, on real maps, but puts you in the position of a guerrilla commander. Simple storyline goes something like "blabla after a terror attac the goverment went completely crazy blabla no rights blabla police state". I have yet to figure out the exact point of the game, possible just collecting points for putting up anti-state propaganda, attacking police squads and similar things. Not the most politically correct game but since I think it might be fun. Even more fun if several players live in the same area and can coordinate atacks on goverment assets. The goverment would be run on a central server which means the each goverment action apply to all players in an area.

Another project I'll probably never finish...doubt I'll even begin this one ;)

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